Are you a serious business owner or entrepreneur who is growing your company?

Peyton Law (formerly Snyder Law) offers  legal strategy designed specifically for growing businesses. All clients meet with an experienced and approachable attorney from our team who will address the company’s (or owners’ partners’) most pressing legal matters; and will work to provide fit-for-purpose deliverables to support growing businesses.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Peyton Law is now offering a Strategic Legal Solutions Online Training! These six (6) classes represent the top issues facing small business owners today. Each class includes a pre-recorded video, a worksheet, and homework. By the end of the program, you will feel confident in working closely with the legal counsel of your choice. $499 Happy Holidays Special $99.00

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Why choose Peyton Law?

Legal doesn’t have to be confusing and expensive.

We know that gut-wrenching feeling when you send over a client contract that’s really a template pulled from Google; when you invest in a new marketing initiative remembering that you haven’t registered your trademark; and when you hire a worker without a written agreement to protect your client list or your business trade secrets.

You’ve worked so hard to develop and grow your business.

STOP RISKING EVERYTHING. Start delegating your legal.

Purposeful Strategy

A quarterly strategy session with an experienced, thoughtful, friendly attorney might just change your growth curve. We know you’re busy, so together, we’ll discover the top goals for the year or quarter and then we’ll get to work for you.

Calls, Texts, Emails

Privileged client communications are very important to us and so is technology. If something changes, you re-prioritize, or a new opportunity comes your way – the sooner we know, the better we can adjust our strategy to support you. We accept email, phone calls, and texts – so we work like you do.

Fitting Deliverables

You need deliverables fit specifically to your business – your clients; your customers; your size; your mission; your workers; your industry; your budget; and your goals. We make sure you’re protected and ready for opportunities!

Ready to get started?

Choose the right firm for your company’s needs.

We want to help businesses and grow, but not every relationship was meant-to-be. That’s why we offer confidential complementary consultations. Click below for our calendar. We love convenience, so you can schedule online. Our consultations are provided virtually.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?


“Peyton Law (formerly Snyder Law) was truly instrumental in helping to ensure that my new business was setup correctly. The team at Peyton Law is talented with both drafting agreements and working with people – not every attorney is adept at explaining things in an “everyday” way, but this is one of their strengths. My lawyer-client relationship with Janelle is a positive one that formed quickly, which is hard to find. 

I feel 100% confident working with her as well as recommending her to others.

I was unsure of which types of agreements I would need to setup the financial side of my business, but Janelle took the time to explain the options to me. She walked me through every part of the process and had no issue answering my questions. She guided me in the right direction, but never pushed me to make a certain choice.”

Small and mid-sized businesses traditionally serviced by large city-based law firms are often disappointed by the lack of attention provided to them combined with the soaring billing rates they charge. Large law firms become so focused on their principal and most visible clients, that smaller companies become an afterthought. The team at Peyton Law recognizes that a practice focused on business counsel and intellectual property protection does not require the overhead of a large law firm. As a boutique firm, we provide a better experience, more attention, and the same (and potentially better) quality of legal advice for less than ½ the price.

“We are proud to represent business owners, start-ups, family-owned businesses, and their leaders, presidents, and CEOs.”

As a business owner and entrepreneur herself, Janelle Snyder Peyton, Esq. leads the firm with her commitment to the families and leaders of privately-held businesses. Peyton Law operates under the foundational belief that small business is integral to the success of our economy and our country. Therefore, the work we do is essential not only to our growth as a firm and to our small business clients’ exponential success, but also to the health of our nation.

Our team provides personal attention, strategic advice, highly skilled representation, and creative win-win results to hundreds of businesses throughout the country. Peyton Law provides all of this at an affordable cost with virtual meetings daily.